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We Build Modular Drilling Systems

Drillco offers a fully modular drilling system that can be used in three different applications: underground, surface/skid, and hili-portable.

We have created the drilling system that you have been waiting for.

† patent pending

Drillco Benefits

The Drillco modular system can be used in all 3 applications of the core drilling industry, providing you with the benefits of maximum flexibility, productivity, and cost savings.

Financial Savings

Boost operational efficiency and lower your capital costs. Our customizable system allows you to:

  • experience a 30 to 60% reduction in capital equipment costs as well as lower parts expenses and inventory
  • maximize the return on your investment and minimize your change-over costs by purchasing one modular system that can be reused in multiple applications
  • provide longer life, added reliability, and higher profit using our quality parts
  • buy our power unit separately and add it to your existing fleets for short-term equipment refurbishing or long-term planning

Technical Advantages

There are several technical advantages of the Drillco design. We have engineered a product with:

  • improved system efficiency resulting in lower power losses
  • data logging capability
  • operating at up to 150 gal/min @ 5000psi working pressure
  • interlock ready for optimum safety and efficiency
  • environmentally-friendly with a small hydraulic tank and up to 75% fewer hydraulic hoses and fittings

Operational Efficiency

Drillco has built a flexible, robust system that is easy to operate, maintain, and support. Increase your fleet flexibility by:

  • using one system that can be adapted for a wide range of power drives (75 hp to 350 hp)
  • interchanging parts for easy maintenance
  • modular capabilities: underground, surface/skid, and heli-portable with one system
  • increasing drilling range capacity by up to 40% with drilling done at up to 5000psi (compared to a maximum of 3000psi for other systems)

† patent pending

The Drillco Difference

Drillco Mining and Exploration has manufactured modular core drilling equipment since 2012. We strive to provide value with our well-designed, high quality solutions.

Experience the Drillco difference with our three key features.

Fully-modular system

Drillco’s easy-to-use modular drilling system and parts can be adapted to suit your operations and grow with you.

Experience-driven design

Our system was designed and built from a driller’s point-of-view and over thirty years of engineering and drilling experience.

Robust components & parts

High quality components are designed at a higher rating for real world drilling challenges such as: pumps, gear boxes, valves, wiring, etc.

Our advanced design is based on sophisticated oil and gas drilling strategies adapted for the mining industry. We recruited engineering experts from each field to assess materials to improve structural strength and reduce weight. Our system features a sophisticated hydraulic system with PLC programming and dedicated support from EATON and WAJAX.

Our Founders

Together, the Drillco Mining and Exploration founders have over 45 years of experience in the mining and drilling industry working directly in engineering, drilling, and operations. This first-hand knowledge has resulted in the development of a powerful, easy-to-use system.

Sylvain Brisson

Partner, Operations Director

With a career of over 28 years in the industry, Sylvain has worked at every possible level from Driller’s Helper to Safety and Operations Manager, and now to Owner. Sylvain has designed drill equipment for many different applications and understands how a drill should be designed from both a driller’s and an owner’s perspective.

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Sylvain Brisson
Partner, Operations Director

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