Connect Live to Your Fleet

-Data Logging/Telematic Communication


Significantly increase management efficiency with Real-time connectivity.

Having access to data remotely allows you to manage multiple jobs from a distance, improving productivity

The data collected is key to knowing how well your site is performing, providing valuable information to increase cost savings and, maximize on-the-job efficiency.

Real-time connectivity is an asset with the shortage of qualified labor, high cost in today’s industry.Connect to the PCL on your control panel, monitor/train recruits during the shift.

Drillers and Supervisors

Can monitor productivity live or intermittently while working with remote crews, troubleshoot down the hole problems.

Control parameters used at the drill.

See what top drillers are doing during their shift and use the data to help less productive drillers to maximize shift production.

With Real-time connectivity, there is transparency from the driller to the client.

Simple and easy installation at a lower cost

1. Connect to the PCL on your control panel

2. Add sensors

3. Tie into available communication system or simply download to external thumb drive

the industry's first Clean-Tech Modular Drilling System

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