About Us

We strive to provide value with our well-designed, high quality Clean-Tech solutions.
We are the premier builder of Clean-Tech Diamond Core Drilling Rigs and specialized drilling equipment.

We bring to our customers:
- 30 years of Core Drilling Operations, Ownership and Equipment Design
- 25 years of Specialized Hydraulic Engineering
- We are an elite drill manufacturer supported by WAJAX industrial Components, one of Canada's largest hydraulic specialists and suppliers.

Our Journey
April 2013 - Drillco Mining opens their door in North Bay, Ontario Canada
2014 - Surface Drilling System and tools for specialized large hole diameter drilling
2015 - Underground Drilling System - power pack and computerized operator console
2017 - Clean-Tech Modular Drilling System - power pack and computerized control station
What's next - Our innovations continue!

the industry's first Clean-Tech Modular Drilling System

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