Heli Portable Drilling Rigs


Clean-Tech modular
Drilling System using advanced technology makes a robust highly productive and
easy to operate drilling system. Manufactured with specialty alloys resulting
in light weight and increased strength.  Designed
for drillers, mechanics and owners.

  • Lightweight fly drill base/turntable and mast, powerpack and control station
  • Clean-Tech(90 litre oil reservoir)
  • Industry’s largest power diesel ranges
  • High production (pre-set drilling parameters for peak performance)
  • Energy efficient (25-30% reduction in diesel fuel consumption)
  • Up to 25% increased power to the drill head
  • Financial saving - Low cost of acquisition, operation and maintenance.
  • Modular mast system with interchangeable cylinders for greater hole depth.
  • Magnetic filtration system
  • Air cooled system with variable speed fan




Tech Sheet (PDF)

the industry's first Clean-Tech Modular Drilling System

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